We are the Mods! Dave Davies and The STYLE High Club!

Kink’s founder, Rock and Roll HOF member, guitar legend DAVE DAVIES -The man who forever changed the sound of rock ‘n’ roll when he sliced up the speaker cone of a little green amp and created a revolutionary, distorted guitar tone and frenetic solo on the song “You Really Got Me” joins us to discuss his new album ‘Rippin’ Up Time! PLUS- Flying in 2014 is all about cargo shorts, flip flops and AC/DC t-shirts…and that’s just the cabin crew! From the unwashed masses in airport concourses resembling the cast of the Walking Dead to being cattle herded into what are essentially Greyhound busses with wings, the prestige and promise of ‘The Jet Age’ has descended in a rapid nose-dive from the glory of 30,000 feet to today’s lost luggage, flight delays and badly pedicured Croc-covered feet. Warren Peace along with co-pilots, Penny Lane and Jonny Owen hit the Airwaves to discuss the STYLE High Club…mod’s mission to take back the sky (and those mini bottles of Johnnie Walker Black. $10 a pop n…

Source: wearethemods.podomatic.com

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