American Mods: Clean Living Under Difficult Geographical Circumstances: Mod Revival! The Best Bands

I’ve always been….conflicted with the Mod Revival of the late 70’s and 80’s. It seems like a mob mentality and conformist ideals overtook what is supposed to be a culture of individuals who try vigorously to stand out in the crowd. All it took to be a Mod was an M-51 Parka and a Keith Moon target shirt, but that was just one part of a very large scene, in which many followed the original Mod ideals and added to the culture as a whole. And its understandable at the time that Mod would evolve into the more basic Mod Revival, due to the chaotic youth tribes that were running about England at the time, Rockers, Skinheads, Soulies, New Romantics, Casuals! It was madness, but the Mods second wave proved to be a great time for a new wave of ideas,style, and music. Below is a list of my five favorite Mod Revival bands and my opinions on their music and their effect on the scene.


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