“The Team That Dreams In Caffs” Reviewed

Around the time Wigan Casino was imploding in Blackpool, Kevin Rowland was putting together his “Team That Dreams In Caffs” in Birmingham. Wigan Casino was ground zero for the working class equivalents of rave parties where young boys and girls danced all night to obscure soul songs brought back from Detroit and Chicago. Fueled with Dexadrine (cheap amphetamines) or Dexys as they were known, the  pre- punk “no Future” children of the UK danced their troubles away in obsessive love for black soul sounds, until they didn’t any more.

Rowland decided to form a band that reflected some of the obsessive otherness of Northern Soul with some post-punk politics and a fashion sense which made holding bags (Northern soul fans would use them as a change of clothes in the nightclubs), donkey (leather) jackets and woolen caps, as much a political act as zippers and safety pins were.

See on rocknycliveandrecorded.com

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